A designer, minimalist, shoegazer, typography & tech enthusiast.

I'm Tomislav, a hybrid designer & developer working and living in the small town of Varaždin, Croatia. Currently I am crafting digital experiences at samurai digital.

I’m self-taught and I have ~12 years of experience in solving various digital design experiences. Learn more about my work history by visiting my Linkedin profile.

My design process consists of delivering meaningful and visually clean design that understands the user needs.
I'm passionated about minimalist design and beautiful typography. Occasionally I like to do front-end development as well, my portfolio is my playground.

In my spare time I like cycling and enjoying the amazing nature sights in the hills. Check out my Strava.

Tomislav Pocedulic, that's me!


Prototyping, Visual Design, UI/UX, Affinity Designer, Figma
HTML5, SCSS, Vanilla JS, Visual Studio Code



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